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Halo Hex Key Skewers - Safety Notice



22nd April 2014

Dear Customer,

We have recently discovered a potentially serious text error with the instructions included on our Halo Skewer sets.

The issue relates to the stated torque denomination unit.

The previous instructions noted “7 Ft-lbs” – where as it should have read “7Nm”.

The problem is that the incorrect 7Ft-lbs text is commonly read to mean 7 lb-ft which is equivalent to 9.5Nm.

We are concerned that if the instructions were followed literally at such an unnecessary high level of torque as equivalent to 9.5Nm, this could cause additional stress to the rod, and therefore may encourage premature skewer rod failure. 

If the rod snaps, it has the potential to release the wheel from the bicycle without warning and therefore could cause a serious injury.

Our experience is that most mechanics will not have used such an excessively high torque level as 9.5Nm.

HOWEVER, there was a text error and for the continued safety and satisfaction of our customers we are modifying the packaging going forwards, and further advising all existing customers as follows:

If you have installed your Halo Hex Bolt skewers at a torque rating above 7Nm, you should stop using them immediately, and contact your dealer, distributor or Halo direct and request a new set of skewer rods to be issued free of charge.

If you are in any doubt, we will be happy to provide replacement rods as a precautionary measure.

General Skewer use note:

It has also been drawn to our attention that some riders may be attempting to use Hex Bolt skewers for aggressive off –road riding. The relatively small 5mm diameter rods used in this type of QR wheel fixing are not suitable for aggressive riding use especially on the front wheel. Modern bicycles use 15 or 20mm diameter axle system for stability and safety when riding aggressively – and especially where disc brakes are involved. 

If any customers are dissatisfied with their Halo Hex Skewer purchase, they should return the product to their dealer for a refund.

We apologise for any inconvenience our text error may cause, and thank you for your co-operation and understanding in helping us to continue to provide products with the best performance and safety.

Lloyd Townsend

Managing Director
Ison Distribution Ltd.

Please click on the images below for the Official Safety Notice.


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